Nov 7, 2012

How To Download Flash Games With Google Chrome

I don’t play flash games a lot but there are some games like Mario which you can play all the time. Now if you have a good internet connection, then playing flash games online is quite easy, as loading doesn’t take much time. But for the people who have slower internet connection, it’s frustrating to wait for the loading every time you want to play a flash game. Now either you can increase or improve your internet connection speed or you can download flash game using a very simple trick which always works (if used correctly).
download flash games

How to download flash games

I going to give to state steps on how to download flash games on Google Chrome
  • Open the flash game that you want to download in Google Chrome.
  • Let the flash game load (Until you get the Play Game or Start option).
  • Now either press “Ctrl + U” or right-click anywhere on the page and click “View Page Source”.
  • A page with lots of HTML code will open in the new window. Open search by pressing “Ctrl + F”, and type “swf”.
  • Search for the game source file like shown in the image, the one ending with “swf”.
  • To download copy the html code and paste in a new tab and press Enter. Now the games will appear on the new tab of Google Chrome browser. Click on the wrench icon on the top right corner and click save page as. Save the page and you’re done.
play and download flash games
  • Remember sometimes you’ll only get the file location you can download it by adding the site address before it.
  • For example you get a source code like /files/games/abcd.swf, to download this flash game you have to enter the site address before it and follow above steps to save the flash game.
Note: To play these flash games you have to open it with your browser, don’t download any software as you already have flash player installed on your browser.
Closing Words: With this trick you can download any flash game not only in Google Chrome but also in any other browser which support flash games.[via techyfuzz]


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