Jul 19, 2012

Is Your Internet Connection Speed Being Throttled, Blocked Or Shaped?

If you’re worried about the fact that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is not providing you the proposed speed and bandwidth. If you think that your internet connection is in someway being throttled and you’re unable to download torrents at your maximum speed. Then there may be a chance that your ISP is throttlingshaping, or blocking your incoming and outgoing connections. But before saying or imposing all these stuff on your ISP you should always check it with these tools.

Tools To Determine Your Download/Upload Speed

test your internet connection
Speedtest in an internet tool that calculates your internet connection (broadband) download and upload speed. It lets you determine whether you’re ISP provides you with promised speed. You can easily choose the server which you want you use for checking your ISP download/upload speed. I prefer that you choose the server closest to your ISP, because the result will be more reliable. If you want check the speed of your mobile internet connection you can check out speedtest mobileapplication supported for Android and iOS devices.
internet connection test
Testmy is a powerful broadband speed test, which calculates your transfer rate and output rate. Unlike speed test which gives you just the value of your download and upload transfer rate, testmy provides you with a graphical representation with the ups and downs of your broadband.

Tools Developed By M-lab To Test And Diagnose Your Internet Connection Speed

NDT (Network Diagnostic Tools)
Network Diagnostic Tools provides a sophisticated speed and diagnostic test. It helps you determine the problems limiting connectivity or speed of your connection. It is developed by M-Lab.
Glasnot is a very reliable tool developed by M-Lab for their research. Using M-lab tools you help them in researching about broadband performance. So if you really think that Internet Service Provider is blocking certain applications like BitTorrent and uTorrent, traffic or throttling your internet connection. This application requires Java runtime installed on your system to run. It takes a several minutes to run a test on your ISP to check whether it’s blocking or throttling your internet connection.
ShaperProbe is another tool developed by M-Lab. ShaperProbe Is a tool which lets you determine whether your ISP is shaping your traffic. Traffic shaping means the drop in your transfer rate after you have downloaded a certain amount of data. ShaperProbe detects whether the traffic shaping is used on either upload or download directions. It even reports the maximum burst size after which shaping of your traffic begins.via[techyfuzz]


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