Jul 20, 2012

Check File Online For Virus Or Malicious Activity With Metascan Online

Sometimes the file downloaded from internet, or copied from your colleague system, may contain virus, malware, spyware, or Trojan. If you think that, this file may infect your system, even after having a good antivirus installed on your system. Then you can check file online for any threats. Either you can check this file with Virustotal, or you can check it with Metascan Online. Metascan Online is a free scanner that uses engines from antiviruses such AVG, ESET, Norman, Kaspersky, Bit Defender, Avira, F-Secure, K7, Mcafee, and many others to quickly detect malicious files. It is a server application with a local and network programming interface which allows users to scan a file with multiple antivirus engines. Metascan technology increases the detection rate for all types of malware without the need of license, modification, and maintaining multiple antivirus engines. It supports a maximum size of 40MB for uploading and scanning.

How To Check File For Malicious Activity With Metscan Online

check file for malicious activity
• Click on Select a file, for choosing the file showing malicious activity.

• After selecting the file, click on Metascan your file.

check file for malicious activity and virus
• Now the scanning will start, and after some time, the results from about 31 antivirus engines will be displayed in front of you.
Conclusion: As Metascan Online says itself, that no antivirus engine is perfect, and as a matter of fact no antivirus can protect your system from every possible threat. When compared with Virustotal online antivirus, Metascan Online does lack in the number of antivirus engines. Even though it’s not such a big thing, but users tend to always go for more. Metascan does win from Virustotal in terms of maximum allowed file size to be uploaded. Virustotal Online Antivirus limits it to 32MB and Metascan Online to 40MB. Not such a big different, but sometimes a little difference in space can be very helpful.via[techyfuzz]


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