May 31, 2012

Remote Support for Google Chrome

Remote Support for Google Chrome: Chrome Remote Desktop with new features

Google introduced with  Chrome Remote Desktop  already last year, a free remote control software available for you only, and requires only Google Chrome. Chrome Chrome is in the Remote Desktop Web Store as a free version available to everyone.
In the meantime, updates incorporated (most recently yesterday), so I had looked at the fun again. In addition to remote maintenance also have the opportunity has come to authorize their own devices by default, to secure it with a pin or on the road to access the data.

Not only that you can access their own files, logically, can the Chrome Remote Desktop also use to help others. Do you want to access the computer of a friend, he must notify you in advance and the pin is already going on an encrypted remote session. The meetings are always on the internet, the quality is so, but enough - at least if you want to run remotely.via[Caschy]


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