May 30, 2012

MP3 Toolkit offers all the MP3 Tools you will ever need

When it comes to mp3 files, you sometimes may need a set of tools to edit, convert or even rip them in first place. While you can use specialized tools for that which provide you with some of the functionality that you may need, a set of tools that Mp3 Toolkit offers may come in handy as well.
It is basically a collection of free tools that let you work with and create mp3 files on your system. When you start the program after installation, you will see all tools listed on the first screen. Here you can make the following selections:
mp3 toolkit
  • MP3 Converter – Convert various audio formats into mp3, or another selected audio format. You can add single audio files or convert all files inside a folder at once.  Conversion options include selecting the bitrate, rate and audio channel settings for the output files.
  • CD to MP3 Ripper – Insert an audio CD into the computer’s optical drive to have it converted to mp3 audio files.
  • MP3 Tag Editor – A convenient tag editor that offers a lot when it comes to mp3 tags. You can use it to edit tags manually, remove non-ID3 tags, synchronize tags, copy information between ID3 tag formats, or clean tags. What it does not offer however is an option to retrieve tag information from an Internet music database.
  • MP3 Merger – You can use this module to join multiple mp3 files.
  • MP3 Cutter – Cut parts of an mp3 file. Comes with options to save as a ringtone.
  • MP3 Recorder – Will record system sounds. There is unfortunately no option to select an audio source here.
The program can be quite useful, even though you may find that specialized tools like CDexThe Crab or Audacity have more to offer in terms of functionality. Still, for basic tasks this may be all that you need after all. All modules MP3 Toolkit ships with are easy to use, which is definitely the biggest advantage besides the fact that it is a tools collection and not a single-purpose program.via[ghacks]


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