May 4, 2012

How To Kill Processes With PowerShell

If you ever come across an Application Not Responding error in Windows and couldn’t kill the process with Task Manager, then you can give a try to PowerShell. You can actually kill a process or many processes with Command Prompt (Which I have already explained a long time ago).
Now to the task at hand, to kill a process using PowerShell follow below mentioned steps:
  • Open PowerShell from your Applications or open run “Win+R” and type powershell
  • To kill a single process type: kill –processname
Google Chrome Will Be Terminated
  • To kill multiple processes at once type: kill –processname process1, process2, process3
killing multiple processes with powershell
Google Chrome And Calculator Will Be Terminated

Note: The processname should be exactly the same as shown in your task manager
windows 8 task manager


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