Apr 16, 2012

Intel's wireless charging smartphones using the new ultra-Books

Especially in China, the Intel Developer Forum taking place and the company of course vastly skin on the wall when it comes to ultra-Books. Intel shows there is not only the ultra Books coming in the near future in the business, but also casts a sleek look in the near future, and what technologies we can expect there then in the devices.
One such technology is called Wireless Charging Solution - you can then load the battery of a device without a cable is required. This is not meant that you can charge an Ultra Free wireless - will enable Intel instead that we take advantage of the ultra-books, for example, smart phones to download it.

It would be sufficient in this case, to place your phone next to the Ultra Book to charge its battery. Sounds great - but as friend Chippy over at Ultra Book News writes, one must bear in mind here that this type of charging is not as efficient as the load, for example via a USB cable.
Nevertheless, I would appreciate this feature - anyone who has every now and then traveling by train, where it has tried once to charge multiple devices simultaneously, you'll love this feature. In general, I welcome any feature which ensures that I have a cable less need than now, so I'm looking forward to this functionality, for the same Intel has 23 patents secure their hold in the future devices could feed.


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