Apr 17, 2012

Google Drive: Starting next week?

Google Drive is coming - we all know. Just exactly when - because Google can currently barely look at the cards. We've already written about the fact that we even have the beginning of April so calculated, but now it will be ready next week - when The Next Web is right!
It seems that there are actually expected (hoped?) 5GB storage space, which are provided to us free of charge. By nature we are so there - have to do with a free offer in which we are able to increase but more storage in the cloud against coal - usually Google.
Desktop folder to it - as The Next Web - do not only on Windows machines, but also for the Mac competition. How exactly this will be solved technically, the information can be elicit not. But one should keep the law and will launch next week Tuesday or Wednesday to know about the stage, so we finally have more soon.
Source: The Next Web


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