Apr 2, 2012

Existing Windows 7 license for a fresh install use

Have you ever bought a laptop and thought, "damn, what the hell is installed for garbage?". Then it goes to you how many. Some cut down the preinstalled software, while others want to completely reinstall. But how fresh install, if the recovery DVDs is usually an image that has been here the whole Geraffel piggyback?
Or if you have no medium? What many people try DVD-Key, which usually sticks to the back or underneath the notebook PC to use it to install a fresh Windows 7 DVD. Will not usually work. The key that is on the stickers is actually for devices with preinstalled Windows is completely different from that which is stored in the registry.
Step 1 . reading the real Windows Keys with ProduKey The software I asked here before in the blog .
Step 2 requires that a standard Windows 7 DVD is available. Did you? Simply install and activate it with the same serial number abgefischten. Yes, actually works, I had to make himself even today. Despite all this, it can not go on some devices, so your serial number in short tests when installed in a virtual machine before it is ironing the whole plane. No DVDs available? Step 3 note.
Step 3: So you have a Windows 7 installation DVD? Never mind, Microsoft's partner has all the DVDs to date and legally in the network:

You have no Windows 7 Professional? Does not do anything, because you get all Windows 7 versions can only recommend it to a DVD or a USB stick, just the linked ISO file so you'll have to have it.
How bootable with the Microsoft tool (Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool) his USB stick gets, I described once before in a post .
After you have now conjured up his DVD bootable on the stick, the stick will open in Explorer:
Sources in the subfolder you open the file simply ei.cfg with the editor of your choice.
Just the line with the Professional save and delete. Have you no professional, but an Ultimate, then you have to just remove Ultimate.
After that the computer boot from the stick and you have the choice between all versions. Alternatively, it should be possible to completely delete ei.cfg. I have not tested.
From the Windows 7 iso So a stick was:
Windows 7 Starter 
Windows 7 Home Basic 
Windows 7 Home Premium 
Windows 7 Professional 
Windows 7 Ultimate

So if any of you once faced the same problem is - this is the solution. A good start is half the installed:)...via[Caschy]


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