Apr 9, 2012

Android: Smartphone complete backup without root

The last few hours I spent on my Android annoy, Windows, Mac OS X and general engineering. The result is a way to secure non-root & Co my android phone and that in case of need to restore. Granted, with root and Titanium Backup & Co, it would have gone faster, but is supposed to go without a root. Here are secured apps with their settings and the data contained in a smart phone with Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich (a requirement).
I tried the whole thing with a Samsung Nexus and the HTC Galaxy One X, both run with Ice Cream Sandwich - that Android 4.0.x. Take a little quiet time, so it is not difficult, you need to know just only know where to begin. I started with the Android SDK . This is a must. I've downloaded and unpacked me as a portable version. In short the SDK folder manager and started the Google USB drivers downloaded. This way, you have to do this only if your phone is not in the Dalvik Debug Monitor appears
Some Android phones just need drivers, some are in the Google USB drivers here at HTC was the case, in the case of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus myself I had to get the drivers. Therefore checks in advance whether your smartphone to connect to your computer in the Dalvik Debug Monitor appears. This starts her when she is in the folder tools that ddms.bat starts. Your smartphone shows up here? Cool, it goes on.
Now open by Win + R and the cmd prompt (or just typing cmd in the search field of the Windows start menu). Leave the Command Prompt quiet time alone, make your way platform-tools in the subfolder of the Android SDK and pulls the adb.exe into your console. Behind the path she now writes all backup . Looks like this: Your path: adb.exe backup all. Just like in the screenshot:
Now your phone should mean to yell. So do not be audible, it should register. The message is that you can now make a full backup - also like to be encrypted with a password.
The backup landing in case of a Windows 7 computer in the Users folder, then at me in the path C: \ Users \ caschy. It is backup.ab and is great depending on the installed apps & Co between few and many megabytes. My Nexus threw a 30 MB backup out, the HTC one X had more to offer, probably due to the HTC Sense UI Geraffel. Almost 300 MB. A backup can persist. Good things take time. Now you have a complete backup of your computer. And how can you play back that?
The restore of the backup is easy to make. The same step as above. call console drag, adb.exe . The following command: adb.exe-restore C: \ Users backup.ab \ caschy \ . Of course you'll have to adapt to your path. Will then report back your smartphone. Complete recovery is the magic word. Your password, enter if issued, and off you go. Restore. Take it again.
Do you have this behind you, then your phone will restart. And everything is as before - ie at the time of the backup. As mentioned, tested with two devices, it might work for me 1a.Wer detail that is at the XDA Developers the appropriate thread . Confusing to read? Do you have can only recommend it, if it is 1 - has done 3 times. Too bad that all this is not as easy as the iPhone goes ;) supplements and so on are seen as more like:)...via[Caschy]


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