Mar 2, 2012

Windows 8: Where is the Start menu?

We have to disappoint you. The Start menu in Windows 8 is gone. Because of course once you scream and gets upset. Man is a creature of habit. Change is stressful. But times as us: you have one of those people who sort the apps in the Start menu? I was one of those. Always beautifully arranged in categories. Falls away now. Ka Start menu - ka G'schrei . And how do I start now or uninstall these programs? All non-issue.
After installation, the symbols found on the home screen (the one with the tiles). As you might start programs, call or right-click a menu, which offers an uninstall or more.You do not want to wade through menus and icons? In the Metro home screen, which is reached with a quick click on the Windows key (or via hot corner in the lower right corner) just once to start typing. You want to start Chrome?
Easy to start typing time - this opens a tap search that works like looking in the Windows Start menu from the past. Certainly: it will not be long until there are tools to get the Start menu in Windows 8 right back - but not everything new must be bad.What to say for the use which has the Consumer Preview Windows 8? You lack the Start menu, really?via[Caschy]

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