Mar 5, 2012

Windows 8: System Reset tested

Windows 8 . Or again, the last Windows which you installed more than once on the PC. Honestly - I've felt in my life already installed Windows 10,000 times. But with the versions it was always less. Windows 7 was installed 2 times and with all Windows 8 will probably be limited to 1 times.
And I think it's good, when systems have a parachute, just as it was now built into Windows 8th I had ever been reported about the two backup features of Windows 8 , now I have time to test whether they really that good are, as promised. Read more Tired? Answer in advance: yes, they are.
Via Metro UI, you can search for apps by directly typing. Ideal for the lazy. The option to search for calls to reset the PC. Alternatively, you can directly into the PC switchen Preferences, General.
There is the opportunity to brush up your PC, or set the PC to factory condition. If the PC is refreshed, then all accounts and information intact, just installed your stuff will be cleaned from the plate. Finally, you get a PC that is set up for you, including your equipment, but does not contain any programs. Naked - except for Metro-installed apps. On the desktop, an HTML file ends up with your programs, which flew down.
The original state on the other hand kills everything from your PC. Almost as if you had right after a clean install once made a backup and recorded this.
Definitely a neat feature that I would have mentioned here again because it might save one or the other additional software. Let's see when I come to describe the whole thing a little more detail - as many tricks backup of Windows 7 will work on Windows 8.via[Caschys]


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