Mar 2, 2012

Installing VMWare Player on Windows 8

Yesterday, shortly after the Windows 8 download started, I described how Windows 8 in the free virtualization software VirtualBox uses. Some probably got a blue screen (Error code: 0xc0000260). Those times can even check this approach . Now to the new theme, Windows 8 in the free VMWare Player to install. Something old, but he does it well. First of all we get are the free VMWare Player , which you have Windows 8 ISO-yes it certainly. Not use the default settings of the VMWare Player, more on that: it is important.
Step 1: Create a new logical machine.
Be sure to select that you installed the system later - do not specify the path to ISO already!
Select system. Is it possible to safely select Windows 7.
Giving a name to the virtual machine, along with location.
Memory for the disk state. I guess 25GB - and more still. It is indeed the motto: "Who has, who has";)
After finishing, we can once again edit the machine. This necessarily give more RAM, the default is 1 GB, which is a little mau.
Well once again purely in the virtual machine> Edit virtual machine settings.
Only now integrate the ISO to CD / DVD. Is because the VMWare Player otherwise in the automatic settings, the serial number (serial number Windows 8 DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J)  had requested and would hang in a loop.
After installing Windows 8 as usual. 1a Go, you can even install a virtual machine in a virtual machine, perform a quasi Winception ;) Have fun testing Windows 8!

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