Mar 21, 2012

Gmail: That's spam spam

Dear Friend, My name is Mr. Carsten Knobloch. I work with a bank here in Ghana as the Regional Manager. I have packaged a transaction that will be of mutual benefit to us. "Do you know, right? The usual crap that lands so in the mailboxes of the world. Gmail has been for many, many years, a spam filter, I would say, with one of the best (if not the best), one can find in the free-mailer field.
So far, spam was just spam. But now Google Mail in the affected mails in the spam folder will bring up a message saying why an e-mail has been classified as spam.Includes an e-mail malware or potential hazards, then this is now viewed, and if you have placed a sender in the past even as spam. You can sometimes even look in your spam folder . ( via )


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