Mar 15, 2012

Browse A Website In Google Cache’s With Google Cache Browser

All of you might be familiar of the fact that whenever you search on Google, you always have the option to open the linked website directly, or you can open the cached page of that selected page. Cached version of the site is helpful when the site being viewed is temporarily down or permanently closed.
Google has recently made changes to the location of their cached links on their search results. Nowadays you can only view the search results link in the cache whereas all the other links of the site do not link to their cached version. This can be a problem if the entire website that you want to view is down.
cached version of techyfuzz
Now you have two options, you can either copy each link and search in Google to find their cached version or you can modify the webcache url manually. Google Cache Browser is a free userscript that automates this process by converting all the links on cached page automatically. You can even view linked content within the pages in cache. What this userscript do is that it modifies both the internal and external links to point to the Google Cache location.
Google Cache Browser works well on both Google Chrome and firefox(with greasemonkey or scriptish).via[techyfuzz]


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