Feb 15, 2012

What is Wake on LAN

What is Wake on LAN 

Wake on LAN is the ability to switch on remote computers through special network packets.
This only works with network cards and motherboards that are Wake on LAN compliant.

Wake on LAN is based on the following principle:

When the PC shuts down, the NIC (Network Interface Card) still gets power, and keeps listening on the network for a 'magic' packet to arrive. This packet must contain a certain byte-sequence, but can be encapsulated in any kind of packet (IPX, IP, anything). Take a look at the code for the magic sequence.

This program uses UDP for sending the packet. The complete UDP packet, sent
over an ethernet interface, looks something like this:

[ethernet header][IP header][UDP header][Magic sequence][CRCS]

The only goal of the script is to send this packet over the network.
It expects no returning data, since the NIC only listens, and does
not reply anything.

Requirements for the Wake On LAN

1.An ATX motherboard with 3-pin Wake on LAN connector.

2.An ATX power supply meeting the ATX 2.01 specifications.

3.A network card (NIC) that supports Wake on LAN.

4.Wake on LAN should be enabled in the BIOS power Management.


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