Feb 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 – The Best Phone of 2011?

How it has been the best phonereleased 2011 year. Samsung's Galaxy S2 has gotten a lot of acclaim in 2011 and really fended off all contenders to its throne. While the iPhone 4S may offer more features in some respects, such as voice control with Siri, the S2 is an extremely competitive device that really show cases what Samsung are capable of. In fact it was the first phone to trump the existing iPhone 4 from its top sales spot and so far the Galaxy S2 deals have still managed to prevent the iPhone 4S contracts from climbing to the top of the sales charts as well.

Samsung combined a number of factors with the Samsung Galaxy S2 to make it special. The phone's fantastic dual core chip allowed it to perform a number of activities and multitasking which the iPhone 4 just couldn't match at the time. Though other phones at the time had similar power, it was the fact the Samsung was the full package which allowed it to prosper.

One of the features which allowed it this liberty was the screen. The 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display really pushed the phone to the fore and the colours and saturation of the images on screen, as well as the true blacks produced by the display, meant it was an awe inspiring device to use for videos and web browsing.

This was coupled with an excellent camera, which was among the best available at the time. This served to create a phone which really was very well rounded. The 8mp camera takes brilliant shots due to the sensor on offer and the 1080p video capabilities are excellent and are well spoken of.

The phones operating system also meant it was one of the most user friendly phones on the market and when others were sticking to the tried and tested Android Froyo, Samsung used Gingerbread, which turned out to be a great all round OS. This was coupled with the TouchWiz user interface which Samsung honed to perfection and really created an excellent all round device for the average user.

The phone of course is also aesthetically pleasing a good looking device. The 8.49mm thick body meant it was one of the slimmest phones in existence – a status that not many phones have beaten since. Coupled with its simple but elegant good looks the Galaxy S2 was one of the best phones in the looks area and also one of the best built, though the plastic back did leave a little to be desired.

Samsung achieved a phone that offered excellent all round performance and really should be seen as the phone of 2011. It is the first phone that has really challenged the dominance of the iPhone lineage – a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Apple. Even though it is now several months old it will remain at the top of the smartphone food chain for some months to come and even remains the biggest threat to the iPhone 4S.


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