Feb 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Beam Is Both a Smartphone and Projector

BARCELONA: The Mobile World Congress hasn’t even officially kicked off yet, and Samsung is already on fire, announcing devices left and right. After the 10.1-inchSamsung Galaxy Tab 2, next in line is a smartphone/mobile projector combo called Samsung Galaxy Beam.
The device’s dual-core 1 GHz CPU, 4-inch, 800×480 screen, 5-megapixel rear camera (with an additional VGA one on the front) and Android 2.3 don’t do much to differentiate it from the other mid-to-high-range Androids.
What makes it different from most other smartphones on the market is its “ultra-bright,” 15-lumen projector, which lets you project a 50-inch wide image on a wall – really handy for presentations or those moments when you want to share your holiday photos with your family and friends.
Interestingly enough, Samsung says the device has 6 GB of RAM memory, but we’re seriously doubting that, and will update the article when we learn more.
Update: apparently, what Samsung really meant was 768 MB of RAM memory, while the “6″ figure was referring to the memory speed – in gigabits. So, if you were hoping to have a smartphone that has more memory than most PCs, we have to disappoint you: the Galaxy Beam is not it.via[mashable]


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