Feb 10, 2012

Play Any Flash Game On Your Android Phones

In this era of new generation games, there are times when we want to play those old video games.  Every gamer in this world does end up playing flash games once in a while to get away from some of the boring games being launched nowadays. What if you want to play flash games on your Android phone?. Yeah I’m well aware of the fact that Android phone doesn’t provide with the controls to play these games, but with Flash Game Player you can easily play flash games on your Android phones.
Flash Game Player is a free application that allows you to load and flash game saved on your SD card, from a website or from the developer’s database. You can even play by configuring your own controls. The game should be in .SWF format and you should have Flash Player 10.1 installed on your phone.
The features of this app include:
  • Loading the game from SD card,
  • Downloading the game from a website to be able to play it offline any time,
  • Loading the game from a website to play directly,
  • Loading the game from the weekly updated 2D Tsunami database,
  • Setting your own controls for each game, which are saved and associated with the game,
  • A game library for quick access to all the games you play,
  • Ability to set game quality to optimize playback speed on your device.
When you start Flash Game Player, you are prompted to go to the Game library or setup a new game. You can choose to setup a new game using SWF file on your SD card, from the online database, or from any URL address.
Flash Game Player
When you are configuring a game for the first time, you are asked to choose how many buttons you want for controls, and you can then map those buttons to the keys the game requires.


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