Feb 2, 2012

iPhone 5 to Have 4 Inch Screen and May Be Waterproof

The rumor mill has been spinning out of control ever since 2011 with the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 4S that was expected to be the more advanced iPhone 5. Now in 2012 after the emergence of the iPhone 4S, rumors have continued to churn out that there will be an even more advanced iPhone, the iPhone 5. While the iPhone 4S included the innovative Digital Assistant known as Siri that provides voice communication for making calls, sending text messages, communicating via email, jotting reminder lists, and finding directions, most consumers found few other surprises to warrant a new iPhone. They essentially expected more. And so now, partly out of truth and partly a result of wishful thinking, consumers are calling to have an iPhone 5. And it looks like they are going to get what they want.
At the top of the rumor list is that the iPhone 5 will be released to the sales market in 2012, according to Kent German of CNET. More specifically, Foxconn sources indicate that the newest iPhone, which is similar to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in shape but larger overall, will be released in the summer. Meanwhile, some say including the Morgan Keegan analyst Tavis McCourt that the upgraded iPhone, theoretically the iPhone 5, won’t hit the market until fall of 2012 in order to impact annual revenue reports for 2013.
So what is all the fuss about? Even though no one can report specifically on the iPhone 5 since it has yet to be released, there are plenty of experts who have expressed ideas of what to expect. To start, the screen display is expected to be greater than 4 inches in size and to have a higher-resolution camera than the previous iPhone 4S. Rather than the 5.0 megapixels of the iPhone 4S, the newer iPhone is rumored to have two cameras: one that is 8.0 megapixels that features a dual LED flash and faces to the rear, and a forward facing camera for video messaging. According to Joel Fernandez at The Tech Labs.com, Apple has applications filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office that are related to 3D image capturing. This may be in relation to the iPhone 5.
Internally, the iPhone 5 will most likely contain an A5 processor chip, which is a very similar to the iPad 2. The A5 has the processor speed of approximately 1.2 to 1.5 GHz and an operating RAM of 1 GB, which will make it more in speed with the larger and more powerful tablets than other smartphones. Also the iPhone 5 will operate using the iOS 5.0 that will include more than 200 features, such as the app iMessage that allows Apple users to communicate instantaneously with each other. For even more storage space and memory capabilities, the iPhone 5 is expected to contain Apple’s iCloud service. ICloud is a wireless program that provides remote access to music, photos, documents, and calendars from other Apple devices, such as iPad and Mac computers without the use of a separate memory storage device.
There are several other features that are associated with the iPhone 5 including face recognition security on the OLED screen, which will be scratch proof, shatter proof, and waterproof. Along with a sleeker more streamlined body, the iPhone 5 will feature a physical keyboard rather than the solitary touch screen. Expect to find an extended battery life, which will be substantial given the supreme amount of juice this phone will require. The iPhone 5 will probably include 4G/LTE support, as well as wireless connectivity in order to sync with iTunes. You’ll also have HD audio in order to listen to your jams via iTunes. Anticipate flash support and a smartphone that is finally free of that all-encompassing SIM card. The iPhone 5 seems to be more of a cross between the multipurpose tablet and a smartphone, as noted by the increase of RAM to 1GB from the 512MB found in the iPhone 4S, as well as the built in GPS system and multi-tasking setup.
And now, back to the rumor about the iPhone 5 being a waterproof smartphone. While this novel idea may seem like something straight out of a science fiction movie, according to Rob Waugh of the UK Daily Mail, the rumors that the iPhone 5 will be waterproof may be more fact than fiction. Apple is in works with using a spray called HZO that coats the interior, as well as exterior, of its smartphones with a waterproof coating. Already, demonstrations using current iPhone models have been presented at tech shows to illustrate to the public of the progress Apple has made with utilizing this protectant. The spray, which is to be applied to the circuit boards rather than covering the exterior shell, is expected to make the iPhone 5 fully operational even under water. While deep sea diving with your iPhone 5 is still out of reach, this doesn’t seem too far out of touch given this latest innovation.
This nanotech waterproofing spray is anticipated to become the newest requirement of cellular phones. And you can bank on the iPhone 5 as being in the forefront for this technology. Reportedly approximately 1 million smartphones find death via water damage annually; Waugh states that in the United Kingdom alone fifty-two percent of smartphone owners have ruined phones by dropping them in a toilet bowl. Never again will customers suffer from tossing their iPhone 5s into a swimming pool or dunking them in a toilet bowl.
So while there certainly are rumors running rampant all over the world concerning the highly anticipated iPhone 5, tech experts and business analysts certainly have been keeping a keen eye on any suspicious activity related to the new iPhone. Whether any, or all, of the foretold features will be included on any new smartphone by Apple is something that the world will just have to wait and see. But it sure is fun to dream about one of the most popular and desired smartphones on the market, isn’t it?Via[iphone5pedia]


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