Feb 8, 2012

Immediately Skip YouTube Video Ads Without Waiting

Youtube has come up with a variety of Video Advertisements which are being shown at the beginning of almost all of the featured videos every time you start watching them. This is very irritating and waste of time in certain situations.
Well, skipping Video ads on Youtube is now possible with this Google Chrome’s extension calledSkip ads on youtube – No illegal block. Just install it and skip video ads while watching Youtube Movies or any Video without any interruption.
See the screenshot, this ad can only be skipped after some amount of time, till then you have to watch it and waste your time unless the ad is in your interest! Well, notice the Blue play icon just like Windows media player. After you have successfully installed this extension, this icon will be shown up whenever you start watching videos in Youtube.
Now you just have to click the icon and it will turn into a “Thumps up” icon and hence the ad is skipped. Although the text ads by Google Ads are not skipped but it’s less interrupting than these ads.
It would really help me to skip long Video ad on Youtube before playing movies on Youtube Boxoffice. As you are still having these text ads on your videos, you can close them right away. This extension skips only video ads. 
Skip Ads on Youtube – No illegal block is a must have extension in your Chrome browser. It hardly makes your Youtube experience slower, rather than increasing it with less interruption. For every time, you will have to click the icon to skip the video ads. I suppose that is also kind of irritating so for automatically skipping through video ads, there is a paid version available for this extension here worth for only 4$. It skips the video ads automatically, so you don’t have to keep in mind to click the button to skip video ads every time.
If you are an avid Youtube user, this extension is very much useful for you. Specially it’s paid version, which handles automatically skipping through ads and gives you the uninterrupted Youtube experience. Additionally, you can also enhance Youtube Music Playback Experience. Have fun!
Note: Personally, I think, you should not skip these ads always as it is the only income revenue source of the uploader. His efforts are being remunerated through these ads only.Via[Blogsolute]


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