Feb 24, 2012

How To Copy & Paste Between iPhone & Desktop Without Installing Any Apps

how to copy and paste with an iphone
There’s something about technology I find truly fascinating. The more sophisticated everything becomes, the more trivial problems are created. Back when I was using my trusty Nokia 6070, I had no desire or need to copy and paste things from my desktop to my phone. My phone and my desktop were two different entities, and I didn’t even dream of being able to copy and paste something from my desktop, and have it appear instantly on my phone.

But then smartphones came along. These devices are so smart, you really want to do everything with them. And here is a trivial problem which was created – how do I copy and paste a piece of text, a link or an image from my desktop to my phone, or vise versa?
Many people use e-mail for that. It’s fairly quick and easy, but creates clutter in your mailbox. You can also use an app such as Evernote or Pastebot, but the latter is not available for Windows, and both require that you download an app. So is there no other way to accomplish such a trivial task? Well, I believe I found one!


Hopper is a web app which lets you easily copy and paste something on your desktop or phone, and immediately access it on the other device as well. There’s no native app to download; there’s just the regular web version and the iOS-optimized version (no Android yet, unfortunately).

how to copy and paste with an iphone
You can access Hopper from your desktop or iOS device by pointing your browser to gethopper.com. You don’t need an account to paste stuff in, but you will obviously need to sign up if you want your stuff to sync between devices.

Hopper On Your Computer

To start using Hopper, access the website and create an account. You can log in using Facebook or Twitter, or simply create a unique Hopper account. You will now see your Hopper board to which you can add items by pasting from your clipboard, dragging from anywhere on your computer (Firefox and Chrome only), or by using the Hopper bookmarklet.
copy paste iphone
To use the bookmarklet, drag it to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar, and then use it to save whole webpages from your browser to Hopper. You can easily add images, text, links, files, and webpages. Anything you add, will instantly be available on your iOS device. Just like that. Each item also gets its own link which you can use for sharing if you wish. To copy the link, all you have to do it click it. It will automatically be copied to your clipboard.(via)


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