Feb 16, 2012

Facebook to launch verified Accounts?

Facebook is going to start allowing prominent public figures to verify their accounts and adopt a pseudonym of their choice, instead of their birth name, according to TechCrunch. Figures with verified accounts will get therefore, increased prominent placement in Facebook's "People to Subscribe To" suggestions.

Users with verified accounts will still have their birth names appearing on their profile page; so Facebook's policy that users sign up with their real names, is still upheld. It's an innovative way to ensure that people are subscribing to true public personalities and not some bogus impostors. 

Apparently, one can't volunteer or ask Facebook to be verified - one has to be explicitly chosen. The users will need to submit an image of a government-issued photo ID, which automatically gets deleted after verification.

Facebook will manually approve any alternative names that may be provided by the user to make sure that the stage names, pen names are in fact, authentic. 

One drawback that TechCrunch pointed out though, is that unlike Twitter, Facebook accounts, wouldn't display a badge that they are approved accounts - this could lessen Facebook's ability to guide users. 

At the same time, Facebook is introducing its Timeline profile pages to various brands this month in the United States, as reported by AdAge. Facebook declined to comment on when the said product would be launched. But they did say that it would still have the same concepts as the Timeline of today.

Introduced in September 2011, Timeline is like a scrapbook of all the events and moments of a users life, as he or she posted on Facebook from the time they joined the social networking site. 

Facebook is expected to discuss the new Timeline development after its February 29th conference in New York targeted at marketers.via[ndtv]


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