Feb 23, 2012

Analyze Images For Genuinity With FotoForensics

Sometime ago I explained about Image Error Level Analyzer, an image analyzer which lets you know if the image is fake or real, whether its photoshopped or not. Now I’ve come across another such image analyzer provided by FotoForensics. Just like Image Error Level Analyzer, FotoForensics also uses Error Level Analysis (ELA) Algorithm.
To use FotoForensics web-service all you have to do is visit their website. Either upload the image from your computer or give the URL of that specific image.
fotoforensics analyzed image
To better understand the working of ELA based image analyzer you have to check its working with the real and then with the modified image. You can even visit the tutorial page of FotoForensics to find out more about ELA. You can even check out Image Error Level Analyser.


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