Jan 24, 2012

Top Five Free Antivirus of 2012

Antivirus or antivirus software is used to prevent our system against threats. There are a lot of antivirus to choose from, but most of them are paid. Some of these antivirus are better than the free ones I’m going to state here, but only in some respect. So I worked around to find a list of free antivirus software that are worth trying out and are the best in their league.

1) Avast Free Antivirus 6

Avast Free Antivirus is a good antivirus that provides all-round protection against malwares. It is a well designed and simple to use software with the ability to scan files at a faster rate.
Number of false positives: many

On-demand Scanning: fast

Overall Score: 98.4%

Avira is another one of those good free antivirus that do a great job of blocking and detecting malware.
Number of false positives: few
On-demand Scanning: average
Overall Score: 97.5%

Comodo is just an antivirus which does a fine job of blocking malware, and it offers the best free firewall.

Microsoft own antivirus is an antivirus with a good interface and a reasonable detection rate of malwares.
Number of false positives: very few
On-demand Scanning: slow
Overall Score: 95.8%

Panda Cloud Antivirus is an antivirus with an excellent detection rate and great interface.
Number of false positives: many
On-demand Scanning: fast
Overall Score: 98.1
Note: These scores are taken from av-comparatives.
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