Jan 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy M Style: another budget friendly Android from Samsung

Only few days after the Galaxy Ace Plus announcement, Samsung announced another budget friendly android phone to canabalize its own Galaxy Ace Plus’s market. Or some say to provide more variety to the lower budget market. Like the smartphone variety is not already too much!
Lets get straight to the specs:
- 4 inch super AMOLED (very rare in a budget phone!)
- Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
- 1GHz single-core processor
- 3MP camera (disappointed)
- 4GB internal memory
- Bluetooth 3.0
- 1650mAh battery
- Digital Mobile Broadcasting antenna to watch broadcast television
- 9.9mm thick
- Metal body
- Available in 3 colours: Silver, Black, Pink
It is currently available in Korea and expect it to be in Malaysia real soon!
From the specs, we can assure you that this will give Galaxy Ace a very rough fight to the top of the budget-phone market. Especially with big screens being very trendy nowadays. And this phone definitely looks good!
Which budget phone from Samsung will you buy? Galaxy Ace Plus? Galaxy M Style? Galaxy W? Give us your opinion below in the comments and “like” us on Facebook simply by hitting the like button on the side bar.Source from:


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