Jan 6, 2012

Red Hat Certified Engineer skills

Troubleshooting and System Maintenance

RHCEs must demonstrate the RHCT skills listed above, and should be able to:
  • use the rescue environment provided by first installation CD
  • diagnose and correct boot failures arising from boot loader, module, and file system errors
  • diagnose and correct problems with network services (see Installation and Configuration below for a list of these services)
  • add, remove, and resize logical volumes
  • diagnose and correct networking services problems where SELinux contexts are interfering with proper operation.

Installation and Configuration

RHCEs must demonstrate the RHCT-level skills listed above, and they must be capable of configuring the following network services:
  • SMB
  • NFS
  • FTP
  • Web proxy
  • SMTP
  • IMAP, IMAPS, and POP3
  • SSH
  • DNS (caching name server, slave name server)
  • NTP
For each of these services, RHCEs must be able to:
  • install the packages needed to provide the service
  • configure SELinux to support the service
  • configure the service to start when the system is booted
  • configure the service for basic operation
  • Configure host-based and user-based security for the service
RHCEs must also be able to:
  • configure hands-free installation using Kickstart
  • implement logical volumes at install-time
  • use iptables to implement packet filtering and/or NAT
  • use PAM to implement user-level restrictions
We will get our hands dirty configuring, troubleshooting and installing a Red Hat system the following days!


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