Jan 30, 2012

Nokia: Lumia 800 Battery Issue Fixed, Audio and Camera Next

The Lumia 800 had some problems related to the battery where some users experienced short mileage. The company rolled out an update which makes the phone use up its entire battery power of 1,500mAh, delivering on call and standby times. 

According to a recent Nokia statement, the company "can confirm that we have successfully tested that those improvements are working". With regards to other issues users were complaining about, in the camera and audio department, the statement promises an upcoming firmware update to address those too: "we’ve noted your concerns regarding audio and camera setting and are going to address those in a series of future updates, ie. these will not be included in this specific update". Via[pocketnow]

Additionally, the statement urges users to stop using the Diagnostic App, which was designed for internal testing purposes, and check on battery and other aspects of the phone using the platform's dedicated sections within the Settings. Read the entire statement at the source link below. 

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