Jan 31, 2012

How To Extract Audio From A Video File Using VLC Player

Recently one of my neighbor asked me how to extract audio from a video file. Since my desktop’s motherboard went for repairing, I’ve no software on my laptop for this kind of stuff. So, I went to my neighbor’s house with nothing but just vlc player in my flashdrive. Now many of you don’t know that vlc player is capable of doing many things, that it will take a while for me to explain them one by one. Now moving on the task, here are the steps to extract audio from a video file with just your vlc player.
1). Open your vlc player. If you don’t have it download it from here.
2). Go to the Media menu and choose Convert/Save option.
3). A new Window will open, now choose the video file from which you want to extract the audio using Add. After you’ve added your file click on the Convert/Save.
4). Another Window will pop-up infront of you. In the destination file choose your destination folder or drive and in the Profile menu choose the audio format that you want your audio file to be in.
Note: If you correctly see while choosing the destination file, your file will have the extension “.ps” so kindly change the extension to “.mp3″ as you can see in the image below.

5). Click Start and your conversion will be complete in no time.

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