Dec 15, 2011

Make Money Online with these 28 Forums

Making money online actually is not as hard as it seems.The best place to start with is using forums.There are many kinds of forums and in fact,you can discuss anything from Money to Lego toys with forum.Now lets take a look at 28 of the best forums that allows you to make money online for bloggers and online investors alike.

Webmaster,Search Engine Optimization Forums
  1. Digital Point
    Digital Point indeed the best forums for webmasters and bloggers.Many top webmasters in the world visits this site daily discussing on Search Engine Optimization, Link building, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising, domain investing and blogging.It also allows webmasters to trade websites,domain and templates to pimp up and optimize all kind of websites.Alexa Ranked 161 is a pure indication on how much traffic jams into this site daily.A must visit site.
  2. V7n forum
    V7N is a well known forum that focuses more on Search Engine Optimization but also focus on graphic designing,marketing and web directories to boost up new and seasoned websites alike.
  3. Webmasterworld
    Similar to Digital Point but it has lesser members than Digital Point.But Alexa Ranked at 568 is not far behind and is certainly drawing a lot of traffic as well
  4. SEO Chat
    Also similar to both Digital Point and Webmasterworld but it has a unique section in the forum whereby SEO Chat updates the forums with the latest technology news every hour.Great site if you are running a Technology
  5. Earners Forum
    Part blog,part forum.It is the best of both world if you are too lazy to browse thru forums and look for vital informations.With the blog function,it highlights on the major and most useful information to facilitate even the laziest reader
  6. High Ranking
    A good forum which focuses more on how to build your website and promote it.Plenty of helpful members!
  7. Self Starter Weekly Tips
    This forum focuses more on the e-commerce and how to build a profitable business online.
  8. Wicked Fire
    Vulgarish website,Black Search Engine Optimization tips,killer name.An indication not for the ethical webmaster.But you can learn a lot from it..the bad way!
  9. Warrior Forum
    Another giant forum which offers good tips,great members and a section to download free ebooks.Not bad at all!
  10. ABest Web A giant forum to discuss on Internet marketing,Commission Junction and Shareasale.More on affiliate marketing this forum offers.
  11. 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums Blogging,Search Engine Optimization,Affiliate,Internet Marketing are the main section of this forum.
  12. Affiliate Programs Forum This forum focuses more on Internet marketing and how to squeeze your affiliates earning to the maximum
  13. Sitepoint Forum that focuses more on programming,buying and selling of websites
  14. Ewealth An all affiliates program discussion forums which features the usual suspects such as Commission Junctions,Linkshare and Shareasale with a small portion of it dedicating to Pay per click and trading of domain name and services
  15. Affiliates4U Part blog,part forum which focuses more on affiliates as its name suggest and also Search Engine Optimization,Programming.Very broad based.
High Yield Investment Program(HYIP),Autosurfs,Get Paid To Do Something
  1. Get Paid Forum As its name suggest,get paid to do things.Get paid to do survey,get paid to click on things,get paid to try new services and get paid and paid!
  2. Moneymakergroup The biggest HYIP forum with sub section that consists of LYIP (Low yield investment program),Autosurf,MLM,Network marketing,Stocks and even Forex!
  3. Talkgold The second biggest HYIP section which is very similar to Moneymakergroup but lesser members
  4. Dream Team Money Similar to Moneymakergroup but much smaller in terms of the members size
  5. Affiliate marketing,dropshipping,MLM are some of the sections this forum has
  6. Goldage Get paid to discuss on HYIP,Forex and other business topics.You can even refer your friends to earn more money from their referral program
Work At Home Business Opportunity
  1. Work at Home Forum This forum is more or less catered for non-webmasters and bloggers such as stay at home mums to help them make money online with Paid to programs,business opportunities.
  2. Great forum whereby you make friends,share opinions and do traditional business like handicrafts and other kinds of business.
  3. Talk Freelance Freelance arena whereby graphic designer and programmers can look for freelance jobs here.Also discusses on programming,buying and selling of domains and Search Engine Optimization
Domain Investing Forums
  1. NamePros A forum which teaches you how to park your domain,how to make money by investing in domains names.
  2. DN Forum Superb domain parking tutorial forum which is also similar to Namepros.
Other Kind of Forums
  1. Forum dedicated on discussing scams.
  2. Blogger Forum Essential forum for all bloggers.That is where I always visit to learn more about blogging too!


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