Dec 7, 2011

eCrypt Me: The easy way to secure emailing

There are a number of people who are not satisfied with the security provided by popular web-based email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. List is growing as the fear is not imaginary keeping the recent events of hacking. Though these hacking events are not frequent but what about the constant monitoring and unauthorized scanning of your mails by the service provider itself?
These fears have resulted in concerned people switching to encryption software. But these encryption software are not that easy to use for everyone. And that is what eCrypt Me aims to provide: easy to use encrypted email service. Using eCrypt Me is like using any other web-based email with encryption working in background.

So, What is eCrypt Me and how is it secure?

eCrypt Me is NOT a new email service provider. And thats the best part. You use your existing email to create an account and login to the eCrypt’s web-based interface in a secure environment. You do not need to install and configure anything. You send and read messages like any other normal mailing service but the encryption process in the background makes it secure.
The idea behind being “secure” is that the user logs into the secure environment of eCrypt, access the files and attachments there itself and thus never exposes the content to outside world. It uses a combination of ECC521 and AES256 encryption algorithms to secure your data while the connection between the web browser and eCrypt is secured by AES256 encrypted SSL. The main drawback is that for an end to end encryption both the users (sender and receiver) should have an account on eCrypt.

What else beyond security?

There are lots of other features that make an interesting alternative to the existing email service providers. The interface is easy to use with all the necessary elements of a mail client like labelling, calander, contact book, contact import etc. It also provides File Vault for secure online file storage. The attachments can be directly stored into the Vault from emails  and can also be easily attached into mails from the Vault.
You can manage multiple email accounts from one eCrypt account. Moreover, eCrypt Me is accessible from a mobile device also. Basically it is accessible from any device that can browse internet.

What is the verdict?

eCrypt is a concept focused around business organizations, both small and large-scale. With it all the communication among the employees can easily be secured. The easy to use encryption can be a good catch for the small organizations that rely on business version of Gmail.
Even as an individual you can use eCrypt Me as it is free to use in its beta version with 125 MB of space to offer. You can give it a try here before it starts to charge money 


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