Aug 17, 2011

Security Issues With Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are a convenience that is becoming more affordable as technology improves. This technology allows portable devices to be used virtually anywhere. While there are many benefits, there are also some security issues to be considered.
  1. SSID Broadcasting

    • A wireless network's SSID is the name of the network shown when scanning for available networks.
      When you allow your network to show up in the results of a scan, you are broadcasting your SSID. By not broadcasting your SSID, only those to whom you give the SSID to can connect to the network, and it will not be visible when scanning for available connections.


    • By adding encryption to your network, you are protecting the data transferred between devices connected to the network. It also adds a level of security by limiting those who can connect to the network to those who know the password.


    • It is good practice to change the default username and password to your wireless router. Default usernames and passwords are easy to find on the Internet, and changing these helps secure your network from intruders and helps to ensure that your network settings will not be tampered with.


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