Aug 26, 2011

10 ways to Use DropBox and Make Most out of Free 2GB Space

Do you know Dropbox? It is a service that offers up to 2 GB free to store all kinds of files online. It’s like a folder across all your computers, Mobile devices and even on Web. All synced together to get access files from almost anywhere. Actually, its more than what you think and here are the possible uses of DropBox you can make.

1. Online Backup

The dreaded backup, the job that nobody likes and that we only remember when the computer breaks down or forget to save a document.
It is clear that 2 GB will not fit our music collection and movies, but really important files like documents, program settings and some other images.
The advantage of Dropbox is that it automatically synchronizes with the server . That is, when a new file in the Dropbox folder by default, it goes immediately to the Internet.
If your computer suffers a mishap just have to reinstall Desktop Client Dropbox and it will download new files.

2. Access Files from several Computer Devices

If you use multiple computers at home and at work in more than one occasion you’ve needed a figure that is in a document from another machine where you are.
Dropbox solves this problem because these documents will be present at any place you go , as long as you’ve installed Dropbox.

3. Sharing Files with Friends
Dropbox creates a default public folder. Unlike other content that you upload to your space Dropbox, the public folder is accessible to anyone who knows your URL link .
This will be useful for sharing notes, reports or any file with friends or colleagues, without using the mail or instant messaging client.

4. Password Vault
Passwords acts like keys to enter web services so they have to be stored safely and moreover should be accessible easily ONLY to you.
Luckily there are programs that help you store all your passwords and usernames. However, are all these keys available on several computers?
Dropbox is the solution. Just need to save the key file that store passwords.
5. Favorite LinksAnd speaking of passwords, why not use Dropbox to share favorite web links? With Dropbox you can save a copy of your favorite locations and keeping it and import it in all browsers you use.

6. Program settings / games

When you’re familiar with a program, there comes a time when it is so personal that if you uninstall and reinstall does not seem anything like as it had before.
With Dropbox you can save and copy the settings of your favorite bookmarks on multiple computers.
The same can be done with saved games from computer games.

7. Photo Albums / Gallery sharing made easy

In addition to the public, Dropbox also creates a folder dedicated to photos, with the difference that you see your content as a gallery, very useful for sharing photo albums with friends and acquaintances without relying on Flickr.

8. Manuals and eBooks

Surely manually save different devices and appliances you have at home and at work. In order to consult them whenever you want Dropbox makes it easy.
With regard to electronic books, so fashionable lately, with Dropbox you can open them in different readers and mobile phones. You will not have to copy the ebooks on every reader you use.
9. Personal Website Hosting

The public folder has great potential, such as a Web page server. If you create your own page or site staff can stay in your Dropbox account, including HTML and images included.
You can go through the tutorial by Amit Banerjee to host your static website on DropBox.

10. Recover accidentally deleted files

An interesting feature of Dropbox is your change control. If you access your account Dropbox web browser, by placing the mouse over a file on the right side of the screen a triangle pointing downward. Clicking the triangle will have access to several options. The one we are interested in is “Previous versions”.
From there you can access documents that you’ve synced several times . Thus, if you make a mistake or alter a file in one of your computers in sync, you can restore a previous version.


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