Jul 12, 2011

Why You Should Try Linux? Benefits And Advantages Of Linux Over Windows

Linux has been on the OS scene for a very long time now. Even then it does not enjoy the same amount of popularity with users as Windows or Mac OS X . The greatest difficulty it faces is its image as anoperating system for geeks.
What the common user does not understand, is that Linux has come a very long way from those days in which it was completely reliant on the dreaded command prompt. These days some distros of Linuxexist, which are simpler than Windows.
We have actually compiled a list why you should try out linux.
  • It is absolutely free : The greatest advantage is that its free. Linux is open source i.e. it is developed, maintained and upgraded by the community. Compare it with the price of Windows 7 Ultimate ($320) and Mac OS X Snow Leopard ($29).
  • Software is also free (most of them) : What would the most commonly used software on a computer be? An office application (Microsoft Office Professional $500), photo editing (Adobe Photoshop CS5 690$) and so on and so forth. So, basically you get the idea. Linux has free and highly capable alternatives for each of them – Open Office and Gimp are nearly as good as their paid counterparts any day.
  • Linux rarely (if ever) crashes : If you have been using Windows all these years, then you will be very familiar with the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and hanging. Earlier Windows versions 98 upto XP had the unfortunate problem of crashing when least expected, thereby leading to loss of data. This problem has been minimized in Windows 7 but it still does crash sometimes. Linux on the other hand, if you have not been tampering with the core kernel files will not crash period.
  • Anti virus software not necessary : Linux viruses are extremely rare and an anti virus can be done away with, while a Windows system connected to the internet without an antivirus gets infected within half an hour.
  • Varieties to choose from : Linux comes in various flavours or distributions (distros in short), each appealing to a different user group. Windows also has various flavours – home, professional, ultimate etc. but these are the same with each being a subset of another in terms of features included. Linux distros on the other hand are completely different from one another.
  • Open source customization : Linux is open source i.e. its code is freely available. Thus, if you know some coding, you can modify the operating system to your exact requirements. You can even build and distribute your own Linux distro. Take that Windows ! Check out Linux Wallpaper Mega Pack.
Truthfully, this list is endless. I cannot even begin to enumerate all the reasons why you should give linux a try. Though I hope I have been successful in convincing some of you.
In future articles, we will cover Linux right from the basics, starting from the various Linux distros and which is right for you, how to try it before installing, installing linux, what to do after installing etc.


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