Jul 5, 2011

Organize Facebook Friends In Circles Similar To Google Plus

One of the most striking things about Google Plus social network is the ability to organize our friends in circles, the equivalent of Facebook friends lists. It’s really easy to  just drag and drop a set of contacts to a blue circle to put them in a list, right? So, here we will see how can be imitate something similar to organize Facebook Friends.
Ofcourse, Facebook isn’t providing this feature itself but an experimental project using Javascript and Facebook API by a third party developer. Circle Hack is a name of application which lets you organize friends in circle, drag and drop them in new circles and create new circle.
For every circle you create, there will be a new Friend list on Facebook and existing Friend list will be updated if you drag-and-drop profiles in existing circles. This worked for me perfectly on Firefox 4 while there were problems on Chrome 12 and somewhat less animated UI when tried on IE9.
To start using Circle Hack go to http://www.circlehack.com/ and login with Facebook. If already logged in, give access to application to fetch your friends and friend list. In a moment, you will be presented with Friends profile and Circles similar to Google Plus.


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