Jul 12, 2011

iPads Account for 1% of Global Web Traffic

In a world where everything is fast-paced, the use of latest technology in devices such as tablets and smartphones has become an integral part of our daily life. There have been many devices to choose from, but the Apple iPad proved to be the number one tablet in the market today. The in-demand device is responsible for causing worldwide and US web traffic at 1 percent and 2.1 percent , respectively.
The accelerated online traffic increased overwhelmingly since the launch of the Apple iPad.  John Paczkowski, a contributor at AllThingD.com, pointed out that “2.1% may not sound like much but it’s actually very impressive for a new category of device introduced little over a year ago. In fact it’s stunning”.
The success of iPad has cemented Apple on the top of the technological devices pyramid. The brand’s impressive sales data show that it is the number gadget in the market. The appeal of the iPad has contributed to the widespread popularity that the brand enjoyed. It is not surprising that the product is one of the main causes of online traffic.
The significance of the device is proof that online use is making a mark universally.  In addition, other market brands are rushing to come up with a tablet to rival the iPad. However, no other brand seem to be able to compete with the so-called power fetish appeal that the brand popularized for the last decade or so.
Analysts show that since March, the share of iPad in web traffic was 10 percent. It has since been steadily increasing.  By the end of June, the device contributed another 5 percent in web traffic. Other sources may argue that tablets and smartphones are also accountable for 5 percent web sessions. Aside from the iPad, devices such as Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Java ME accounts for 8.2 percent web traffic in the US.
Google’s Android adds 2.6 percent online traffic; BlackBerry contributes.7 percent more; Symbian, Windows mobile and Java ME put in a combined .10 percent; and desktops account for the remaining 94 percent of overall internet traffic in the US.
The rise of tablets and smartphones is a clear demonstration that these devices are becoming an important part of today’s mobile-led  life. Desktops beware.


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