Jul 14, 2011

How to use Pen Drive/Hard Disk as Ram to Speed Up Computer in Windows 7, XP, Vista, Linux

How to Use Pen Drive as RAM:-
1.                   First Step is identifying Software Needed 
            for XP or lower: - eboostr (download from here           and install it).
           For Vista or higher: - readyBoost  (already present).
2.                  Now attach/insert your pen drive to computer.
3.                  Now to use readyboost on windows 7
  •    Go to Property of Pen Drive by right clicking the pen drive icon in my computer
  • ·                     now click to ready Boost tab on the window that appears
  • ·                     now as you can see from the figure first press "Dedicate this device to readyboost" radio button
  • ·                     then adjust the memory you want to give to ram from Pen drive
  • ·                     And that’s it!!

  • Now to use eboostr in Windows XP 

  • ·                     first you need to install eboostr onto your computer and then restart the computer as asked by the software
  • ·                     then open eboostr control panel from start menu
  • ·                     now click continue button if you have trail version
  • ·                     now you have to add one of the drive to Eboostr Control Panel by click add and then selecting one of the drive and you need to specify disk space there itself
  • ·                     See the figure below if you have confusion.


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