Jul 6, 2011

How to solve: Skype crashes and won’t start again

There is strange things going on with Skype since Microsoft took over it. Weirdly, while using, it crashes and will not launch again. And it happens to a lot of people. Probably a problem with Ubuntu. Any ways, since there is no standard solution available, one cannot wait for the new updates from Skype (if any). So folks, here is aquick and dirty trick to solve this problem.

In your home/your_user_name (or simply call it ~ directory), there is a hidden Skype directory. It contains few files and shared.xml is one of them. Either delete this file or rename it. Use either of these commands:
mv ~/.Skype/shared.xml ~/.Skype/shared2.xml
rm ~/.Skype/shared.xml 
After this, start Skype again, enter your login details.
If the problem still persists, try removing this file as well by using this command:
rm ~/.Skype/shared.lck

On Windows:

As suggested by a reader Arri, the same problem can be solved by removing the same shared.xml file from the following location:
Hopefully this works for you all! Questions, suggestions and feedbacks are welcomed.


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