Jul 23, 2011

How to Get a @facebook.com Email Address

Facebook.com is most popular social networking site from the whole is Rank #2 after Google as far as the Alexa rankings are concerned. In India too Facebook has grown exponentially in past a year and has thrown the Orkut away from the competition. Now Facebook is coming with @facebook.com mail!

Facebook.com is still now in Embryo stage and you need to register for the invitation. Once your invitation gets approval you will be able to  access your @facebook.com mail ID.Here at techbrail I am giving you steps to register for your FaceBook email invitation.
Step ILogin to Facebook.com with your login Id and password. Now you need to have unique ID to register for the invitation i.e., Facebook.com/uniqueid. If you have not any then get it by registering here Facebook.com/username. Please remember that username once chosen can not be change so be careful in choosing it also your mail will be yourusername@facebook.com
Step II:
Now go to their FB mail invitation page here you need to request for the new invitation and you are done. When your application will get approval you will be able to access it in your Facebook home page along with the chat, and messages.
Looking towards the history not few New services using invitation tricks has been successful, Few major services like New Orkut and Wave were a horrible failure but I think Facebook mail has the potential to become a huge success.


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