Jul 5, 2011

Google Returns to the Social Networking Arena With Google+

In the coming months, Twitter and Facebook may need to prepare themselves to another competitor in the social networking arena, because Google is coming back to take another round in the field.
When it comes to social networking, the dominating players are usually Facebook and Twitter. That is only natural, because they are very convenient and easy to use as a social networking service. But even if these websites are extremely popular around the world, they aren’t perfect. Full multimedia experience is what both these social networking sites lack, and that is what Google+ plans to take advantage of.
Google+ is what you can consider as a social networking entity that feeds upon multimedia as its source of energy. Most of the best features or services that are available to Google+ are somehow related to multimedia.
The instant upload feature for example, allows you to automatically upload any photo or video taken using your camera. It is much like how another upcoming multi-device cloud service works, the only difference is that you get to upload it as a post update to your account in Google+.
The service integrates all other Google services that you might have, adding convenience and ease of use to the system. This also makes transferring of information seamless from one service over the other.
The main focus of its social networking system is not to gather as many friends as you can like Facebook, but rather to properly group your friends correctly. That is where the term “Circles” comes into Google+. Unlike the group feature in their previous Google Buzz, Google+ “Circles” are designed to be manually created by the user.
Google+ has already been launched since June 28, 2011. It is still under development though, and even though it is technically already available, you are only granted access if you are given an official invitation to try it out.

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