Jul 15, 2011

Add GPS Location To Photos Using GeoSetter For Windows

Modern Smartphones let you add geolocation information while capturing photographs with which you know the place that Photo was taken. Some Devices may lack that feature for ex: iPod or GPS tracking may sometime couldn’t detect location. In such situation, GPS location and other (IPTC/XMP/Exif) Meta Data can be added after transferring photos to Computer.
GeoSetter is a Photo Geotagging Software for Windows which lets you add or change the GeoLocation information stored in a photograph.

How to GeoTag Photos on Windows 7

Open GeoSetter, Open the image from the folder you want using Images menu.
Search for the location you want to tag, Integrated Google Maps View will take you to the place. Point out the position and Save.
That’s it. Not just Photo Gelocation tagging but also it does some more things you expected:
  • Displays existing geographical coordinates, the directions of the image and the embedded Google Maps map tracks
  • It allows adjustment of the geo data using Google Maps incorporating map or by entering known values ??of the coordinates and altitude directly
  • Automatic filling of IPTC fields location and altitude values
  • Ability to change the date of image capture
  • Synchronization with track files (NMEA, GPX, PLT, LOG Sony, CIG and others)
  • Synchronization with already geo tagged images with images of friends (eg between RAW images and their corresponding JPEG images)
  • Export to Google Earth
The Pictures so tagged with GPS Location can be transferred to any device running any operating system with complete Geo-location information.
For Digital Camera Photographers, the feature to sync Geo-Location information between RAW images and their corresponding JPEG would be a great timesaver.


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