Jun 2, 2011

Ways of Getting Backlinks for free

For Bloggers, back-links plays a vital role for their traffic and page rankings. For those who don’t know about backlinks, let me tell you- Backlinks are the links directed towards your blog/site. They are also knows as Inbound links (IBL’s). The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. While backlinks give you a better ranking from Search Engines, another reason to achieve quality backlinks is to entice visitors to come to your website.
Using following ways, you can get backlinks to your website for free :
1. Unique content
I’ve already mentioned how helpful your content could be if it’s unique. Write quality posts based on your blog topic. If your site have subpages, don’t forget to give a backlink to your homepage. This would really help you.
2. Publicize your RSS feeds
Submit your Blog RSS feed to blogging directories, blog search engines. Some directories require their backlink on your blog but some of will provide it for free.
3You comment I follow
Don’t avoid readers’ comments, always try to follow them up with a reply. Also, some blogs use this policy so, Voice your opinion on these blogs.
4. Participate in active forums
Find your kind of forums- follow the topics posted by fellow members and you can use your site url as your signature to get free backlink. Some examples of active forums are Blogcrowds and Think-Digit.
5. Build Contacts
Build good relationships with fellow bloggers of your niche and whenever you feel that you wrote a good post, message them with your post link.


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