Jun 30, 2011

Share List Of IPhone IPad And IPod Apps On Social Web Easily

We love to flaunt share more and more things on Social Networks to let our Friends know about the recent Happenings. Videos, Pictures, Places we visited and Movies we watch are some common things. Taking this advantage, now its possible to share the Apps you installed / bought from Apple Appstore.
Nothing more but the list of Apps you installed on your iDevice (iPod, iPhone and iPad) can be shared easily via short link. Applist.me is a small application which would scan your iTunes Library to know the name of installed apps on synced devices and create a short URL for the list.
List so created is a beautiful webpage with a link to app in Appstore. This is great to tell your friends about all the apps you are using and then you can have discussion over or find alternatives which your friend may be using.

How to create Applist or List of iOS apps installed

  1. Download Applist for (Mac or Windows).
  2. Unzip and run applist.me scanner.exe incase of Windows and Library will be scanned.
  3. Select the apps to be shared on List ( I recommend all) because it is just a name.
  4. Unique URL will be generated which looks like – http://applist.me/zaLUcr

Suggestions for Applist.me

  • Instead of Desktop Application, create an iOS application which would fetch the names and sync when new ones are installed.
  • Also, provide static URL attached with an Apple ID so that list is updated constantly.
For Android users, you can install Appbrain from Market which same thing with above suggestions included.
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