Jun 7, 2011

Inserting Adsense and other Codes

How to easily embed Adsense & other scripts and codes to Affiliate Genie Website?
Affiliate Genie is for Affiliate marketers who want to make money by promoting Affiliate products. However, sometimes you may want to add additional income streams like Adsense, Chitika, Amazon Associates Program, eBay Publishers Network etc.
Adding these income streams to your AffGenie website is not hard at all. It's very easy. So just follow this tutorial.

By default there are two positions available.
  1. The Featured promo section on the top (Click on “edit promo” and paste your code into HTML source)
  2. Footer (just insert your adsense code into "custom script" section on "site preference"
Not enough?
No problem!
I’m going to show you two more filed on the sidebar navigation menu where you can ad Adsense. It requires bit of work.
First download your site’s “header.php” file from “/includes” folder. You have to use a FTP client to download it. You have to edit this file, so please make sure that you have a backup copy if you mess something.
Open the header.php file using notepad or any text editor (I use PsPad script editor which is free)
Here you got two fields to add your Adsense code. (see the image)
  • Position 1: Before div id="menuLeft"
    For example if you want to add Adsense or opt-in form just before everything else paste your code into the (position 1 field as shown on the image)
  • Position 2: Beforediv id="content"
    Use “Position 2” filed to insert Adsense/Banner/eBay feed or whatever you want!

    All done- save the file and re-upload it into your server!

    What about individual pages?
    Whenever you add a new page simple insert your Adsense code into the source HTML (just click on the small HTML image on TinyMCE editor)

    Can it be automated?
    Yes, it can be done by editing header.php or footer.php file. But to make it work you should know moderate CSS knowledge to adjust positioning.
    Please Note: If you have bought AffGenie though my link then you don’t have to follow this tutorial. Just use my plug-in and everything can be done from your Admin interface without touching core files!


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