Jun 27, 2011

How to Troubleshoot Xbox

Xbox: Xbox is a modern video console that is developed by the Microsoft that was released in 2001. Xbox Live is an online game network on the internet and you can play games with the other gamers online. Xbox Live is a multiplayer internet gaming. Sometimes you might have faced the errors in your Xbox. 

Following section will tell you what’s the common errors of the Xbox are and how to repair them. There are three major types of the problems in the Xbox such as console problem, disc problem and the accessories problem.
Xbox Troubleshooting Tips
Check Internet Connection
Before performing any troubleshooting methods, you first check that is your internet connection is working on the network computers. If your computer or the network computer does not access the internet then you should first troubleshoot the home network first.

IP Address

Perform an IP address test to verify that Xbox possesses the valid IP address.
Network Adapter
Testing the network adapter verifies that you have physical connection between the Xbox and the network adapter.
Common Errors

1. Xbox Console Disc Tray will not open
You may find that you can turn on the Xbox console but you cannot open the Xbox disc tray and most probably this problem is occurred when a game disc, CD or DVD is stuck in the disc tray.
Solution: Make sure that the Xbox console is functioning correctly and you can verify it by seeing a picture on the screen when you turn on the Xbox console. Press the eject button of the disc to open the disc tray. If the tray does not open by pressing the eject button try to manually open it by unplugging the Xbox console from the power source. Insert a straightened paper clip or other small tool in the hole at an angle to the left. Gently push the paper clip to try to push the manual release button and try to partially open the disc tray. You may have to do several tries to open the disc tray and it has been observed that thin paper clip works fine than the thin paper clip. After the disc tray partially opens, pull the disc tray with your fingers so that it can be fully opened.
2. Indicator Light Flashing Green and Orange
If the Xbox does not detect the AV pack then the indicator light of the Xbox console may flash repeatedly in green and oranges modes. This behavior is only applies to the connection between AV pack and the Xbox Console.
Solution: Disconnect and reconnect the Xbox AV pack and make sure that the connections are firmly connected. Turn on the Xbox again and examine the lights behavior. If the problem is not solved and the behavior is continued then try to use another AV pack if available.
3. Game Disc is not playing and no error message occurred.
Solution: If the game disc is not functioning and generates no error message then make sure that the game disc is clean. Clean the disc with the soft cloth from the center outwards and do not use any type of chemicals to clean the disc. After cleaning the game disc, press the power button to restart the Xbox console. If the problem is still not solved then replace the disc with other one and if the other disc is playing then the problem is in the first disc and if the multiple discs are not functioning then the problem is at the Xbox hardware level.
4. Game Locks up at the same point
You may notice that the game is stopped at the same point repeatedly.
Solution: Hold down the game disc by the edges without touching the surface of the game and clean the disc with a soft lightly wiping cloth. Secondly, make sure that the Xbox console clock is set correctly. Next turn on the Xbox console without any disc in the disc drive and select the directional pad up and down to select the main menu and then press A. Next press the pad again up or down to select the settings and press A and again press the pad up or down to select clock and press A.
5. Xbox Controller is not working
Solution: Verify that the Xbox controller is attached correctly and remove the DVD receiver if you are using DVD playback kit. Make sure that the inline release plugs are connected firmly. Make sure that there is no foreign substance between the controller plug and port. Next disconnect and reconnect the inline release on the Xbox controller card. If the controller does not work in any of the port, remove the discs from the disc drive and restart the Xbox console. To avoid damaging the cable of the console avoids winding the cable around the controller.


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