Jun 24, 2011

Facebook Finally Comes Up with iPad App

A Facebook app for the iPad is now in its final testing stage and will be launched in the coming weeks.
The team, who refused to be named due to confidential product blueprint, has been working on the free Facebook app for the iPad for almost a year now. After some ground plan modifications, the app is now in its last dry run.
An inside informant from Facebook said that the company’s chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg, has been taking direct control over the app’s designs and features.
According to a final product test testimonial, the application has been customized for the iPad and its touchscreen technology.
Facebook Chat and Group had been changed to suit iPad’s certain features.
One perk is the feature allowing users to take and upload photos and videos right from the iPad’s built-in cameras to Facebook. While on trial, a user said that the photo and video experience is amazing, offering full resolution for full images.
Jaime Schopflin, Facebook’s chief executive and founder, opted to conceal further information about any future products. He only said that Facebook has a great relationship with Apple that is exemplified by their iPhone application. Apple likewise refused to comment.
Sources have confirmed that Facebook is working on an improved version, in response to complains that its Web interface is not optimized for the iPad. For a better touchscreen experience, a number of third party developers have introduced Facebook-friendly applications for the iPad, including My Pad, iFace and Friendly. Specific schedule of the update remains unclear, but the tipsters have emphasized that an upgraded website was meant to supplement the iPad and iPhone app experiences, not to compete with them.
Since iPad’s rollout last year, Apple has sold more than 25 million devices. And the app’s birth may blast off more sales against iPad’s closest competitor, Google’s Android tablet.
To date, Facebook is close to having 700 million users nationwide, and more than 250 million of which are accessing the website thru a mobile device. There’s a big chance that the new app could be an advantage both to Apple and Facebook, considering the growth of mobile applications for Facebook.
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