Jun 10, 2011

Blogger adds Share buttons officially on Blogspot blogs

Sharing on Social networking sites is a vital element of Web 2.0 and there’s hardly any site left which does not provide option to share their story on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, etc. Blogger aka Blogspot which is widely used Blogging platform has finally launched official support for sharing buttons on Blogger posts.
The share buttons allows you to share blogger articles on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Buzz or mail it your friend right from the blog using the share buttons at the bottom of every article on Blogspot blog.

How to Add Share button on Blogspot articles

To add Share button to your Blogspot blog, Go to Design >> Page elements. Click edit link on Blog posts element. Configure Blog Posts in new window will open, Now check the “Show Share button” check-box to start displaying Share buttons on blog posts. It’s position can be arranged but recommended to be kept at the bottom of article.
Although, we had an alternative to add share buttons manually by adding codes into template but it was not easy for all the bloggers who are not so geeky. So, this new feature as a default feature integrated into Blogger system is great move.
Update: In some Blogger templates, the buttons may not appear even after applying the settings so, you follow the steps below:
If this does not appear in your blog, you have a modified template, so you have to add the code manually. In the code of your template (Design ? HTML ? Expand Widget Templates), looking something like the following:
Add the following code there:

I hope now, everyone will be able to get those cool share buttons below each article on Blogs.


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