Jun 29, 2011

AOC Launches Touchscreen Monitor

Taiwanese display manufacturer AOC has just released its new multi-touch monitor designed for desktop and laptop users.
The Touch Monitor e2239fwt is a 21.5-inch WLED touchscreen display with full HD capability. The monitor boasts multi-touch functionality popularized by Apple in its 1920×1080 resolution screen.
Robert Velez, AOC marketing manager outlined the monitor’s purpose. “The multi-touch feature of the new Touch Monitor is ideal for software applications that benefit from control via simple hand gestures, like gaming, education, entertainment and photo management.”
The new model has 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 5ms response time. AOC claims it has a low power consumption at less than 0.1W in standby mode, and less than 25W in normal operation. Connectivity options include two HDMI ports mounted on the side; two USB ports, a D-sub and audio connector.

Instead of settling for a generic design like most other monitors, AOC has dispensed with the traditional single center stand of other displays in favor of a two-leg design. Besides being a study in industrial design, the company intends the space between the two legs to be used by laptops. Notebooks can be slid in between the stands, and the laptop’s smaller display hidden behind the body of the screen.
However, one drawback is the monitor’s fixed height. The angle can be adjusted between three and 12 degrees, but users will have to mount the display on additional stands if they want more height or clearance. Besides the innovative stand, the monitor sports a piano black bezel which beautifully contrasts with the pearl white high-gloss back.
AOC says the monitor’s housing is designed to be easily connected with other monitors as part of a larger screen. “No additional hardware or new VGA card is required to add the multiple displays, and even a notebook can add up to six additional screens.”


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