May 2, 2011

How to Find a Stolen Laptop?

As you know it is very hard to trace and locate a stolen laptop but Antivirus company Quick heal got a service that will help you recover and locate your stolen laptop.
To recover your stolen laptop first thing you have to do is register your computer with Quick heal service called your computer got registered you can trace your stolen laptop by clicking trace now button.
If you are a quick heal user you can register your laptop to this service by clicking here. If you are not using Quick heal products you can submit your request here.
When registering for Laptop tracking service Quick heal may ask you Mac address of your computer. If you are not a tech savvy person you will get difficulties in finding the Mac address of your computer. If have any difficulties you can use Quick Heal Mac ID enumeration tool to find your computer Mac address. You can download it from here.

Just run this tool and click on enumerate button to know you computer Mac Address. This tracking service from Quick heal is presently available in selected regions of selected countries. Let me know if your location is available in the service list or not?


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