May 28, 2011

Beginner’s Blogging Guide- 3: How to Create Blog

I think many of you will choose as a platform and we will go further with it. So, we start from step 1- Go which is obvious and click on Create Blog.  The next step is create a Google Account. As we saw in the previous post, Blogger is owned by Google. If you have an account at any of the services of this company (Gmail, Picasa, Google Docs, etc.), You already have a Google Account. If so, enter your credentials and move on.
Then you get to choose the name and blog address. These are not necessarily occur, but is highly recommended do so. When choosing the direction, you can follow these tips already mentioned when choosing a domain name. The address you choose will be added with the suffix Therefore, try not be too long.
Once you’ve written the address, click on the link that says “Check availability” It may happen that address you chose is already taken so keep entering different names till it says “The Blog address is available
Try provided the address and name of your blog are the same. If you change the former, the latter also changes. It’s not necessary, but gives good results. The people generally remember the name of your blog and associate it with the suffix Your address and blog name are different, the thing is difficult.
Now, its turn to decide the appearance of your blog. You will be given with some choices default by Blogger system. Choose anyone of them, Don’t worry even if you didnt like it much, you can easily change it later on.
It’s called a template because it uses a file (XML) that defines all the aesthetics of the blog without the contents being affected. The advantage of the templates is that they allow you to change at any time look so easy and simple.
So, you are done with all pre procedures and successfully created your blog and ready to start posting content or write articles. Click “Start Blogging
This is your post editor, If you want you can write at that moment your first post or leave for another time.
That’s all. From now on, you can access your blog from and entering the username for your Google account (if you created from the panel that I showed before, will be an email address) and password. Needless to say, these data are very important and you should keep or lose your blog.
In next article, we will see the parts of Blog on Blogger. 


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